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Coreline Fibre’s intrusive surveying and civil services are designed to ensure we deliver projects within specified timelines, according to budget and to the highest possible standards. These two services include all of the necessary implementations required for laying the groundwork for fibre cables, such as excavation, backfilling, micro trenching and construction of manhole, hand hole and route marker installation.

How Coreline Fibre Addresses Complexities of Intrusive Surveys and Civil Services

At Coreline Fibre, we understand that intrusive surveys and civil services are notoriously complex. That’s why our team is experienced in managing a wide range of unique circumstances associated with these specialised services. 

Our attention to detail ensures that all relevant factors and risks associated with the project are taken into consideration when delivering an effective service.

Permits and regulations: Our team is well-versed in the permit and regulatory process, and we work closely with local authorities to ensure that all necessary permits are obtained. This means we can navigate complex regulatory frameworks quickly and efficiently – saving you time and money.

Access: We have experience working in a variety of settings, from densely populated urban areas to remote rural locations. Our team has the expertise to gain access to difficult sites and obtain the necessary permissions from property owners and other stakeholders.

Environmental concerns: We take environmental concerns seriously and work diligently to minimise our impact on the environment. In line with Coreline Fibre’s commitment to sustainable practices – our team provides environmentally sustainable solutions, including recycling and repurposing whenever possible.

Utility conflicts: Our team has extensive experience coordinating with utility companies to avoid conflicts with existing infrastructure. We are well-versed in the latest industry standards and practices and can ensure your project is in compliance with all regulations.

Staying on schedule: Since intrusive surveys and civil services can be time-sensitive – our experienced and trained teams use the latest technology and tools to work quickly and efficiently to deliver precise results within tight deadlines.

Using the right materials: Our team possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the materials utilised for deploying fibre networks. This deep understanding enables us to provide valuable guidance and advice to our clients in selecting the most appropriate materials and suppliers for their specific projects.

Intrusive Surveying And Civil Services

Site Surveys

Our surveyors ensure the accuracy of our designs through detailed on-site surveys. They collect vital data and assess site conditions, providing the designers with a thorough understanding of the requirements. This approach guarantees our shared plans are 100% accurate - minimising errors, rework, and delays.

Micro Trenching

Trenching is a process of digging a narrow and deep trench in the ground for laying fibre optic cables. It is commonly used for installing fibre optic infrastructure in urban or densely populated areas. This technique can speed up deployment time while reducing the risk of damage from nearby infrastructure.

Horizontal Drilling

Coreline Fibre’s horizontal drilling is a trenchless method of installing underground pipe, conduit, or cable in a shallow arc along a prescribed bore path. This is done using a surface-launched drilling rig, which has minimal impact on the surrounding area.

Fibre Splicing

Fibre splicing is a process that joins two fibre optic cables to create a continuous path for data transmission. It requires specialised equipment and expertise to ensure a secure splice that doesn't degrade the signal. Splicing is necessary when installing or repairing fibre optic infrastructure in a network.

Cable Pulling

This involves pulling the fibre optic cables through ducts or conduits and requires specialised equipment and expertise to ensure the cable is pulled securely, without damaging the cable or infrastructure. It is often required when installing new fibre optic infrastructure in an existing network or when upgrading an existing network.

Civil Works

Coreline provides civil construction services and is responsible for removing the terrain surface to a specified depth, which may involve asphalt cutting, concrete breaking, trust boring, paving stones, swamp areas, and bridge crossings. We also take care of concrete work, such as casting manholes and route markers.

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