Specialist Fibre Contractor Services

From network design, project management, civils,
fibre floating and splicing and everything in between, Coreline Fibre has your project covered.


Coreline Fibre has extensive experience in the planning, supplying and implementation of fibre network services that meet all the requirements in terms of delivery time, safety and cost.


If you are interested in becoming a build partner and would like to know more about our vetting requirements, please contact us. contact us.


We are always on the lookout for talented and motivated individuals to join our team. Whether you already have experience in the fibre industry or you’re just starting out - we would be delighted to hear from you. Apply online to any of our available positions.

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About Us

We Provide A Variety of Fibre Optic Services

At Coreline, our focus is on building, delivering and supporting quality, fibre optic network infrastructure with services ranging from planning, Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA), civils, build, and fibre optic installation. 

Our team also provides expert project management services from start to finish, guaranteeing a perfectly planned and organised fibre installation.

As a member of the British Safety Council, we pride ourselves on our exceptional health and safety with a SHEQ department that enforces continuous training to ensure the team meets our rigorous health and safety standards.

Our Services

Coreline Fibre provides network design and planning, PIA administration, Civil and Build Services and Fibre Optic Floating and Splicing services, among many others.


Our expert planning team specialise in creating network design and transmission plans for building fibre networks.


Through our intrusive survey process, we identify and clear the most appropriate route, taking into account factors such as accessibility, safety and cost.


Coreline delivers efficient services for trenching, ducting and reinstatement with the commitment of a rapid and safe installation due to our teams’ efficiencies, quick delivery times and rigorous health and safety standards.


Coreline has a number of experienced teams using the latest tools and techniques to ensure quality fibre optic installations. This includes OH and UG, street cabinets and fibre splicing.

What We Do and What Makes Us Different

Coreline Fibre stands behind its commitment to delivering exceptional fibre optic solutions that meet your unique requirements, either as a turnkey solution or standalone services.

With a team of expert consultants and a proven track record of success, we are confident in our ability to provide innovative telecommunications solutions to a wide range of businesses, including Altnets and fibre contractors.

Your Next Career Opportunity?

For anyone looking for employment in this rewarding industry, we are always scouting for talented individuals to join our team. Please visit the relevant careers page for current vacancies and to apply online.

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